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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

BARN OF THE BLOOD LLAMA directed by Kevin L West (1997) is supposed to be funny. I think when someone tries too hard to be funny, you wind up like Dom DeLuise, laughing at his own joke because no one else will lend him their own voice. A lot of the things tried in this "film" have been done before--intentionally and unintentionally--with better results. Years back, a film maker did a flick called IT CAME FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE, which does all the same sort of things done in BARN, but the IT is a bit better. Sort of. It has the usual shtick of shifting from black and white to color and people wearing different clothes in the same sequences and people arriving on the scene and leaving, not adding anything to the movie. Etc.
And people spontaneously explode in it, so there's no time wasted in getting rid of people who would clutter up the film with needless explanations.

IT CAME FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE has a good write up on the box "May be too graphic and intense for children or small dogs." or mentioning "The actors cannot deliver the jokes." which is a big problem in BARN OF THE BLOOD LLAMA.

Possibly, what I mean by bad films are those which had good intentions of story telling, but just fudged over other matters because details got in the way. BLOOD FREAK was intended to have a message about drug use, not to be a home DVD where guys would smoke joints and laugh themselves sick over its content. The DVD extra where the director is trying to explain his Christian message and the symbolic importance of the turkey is just mind numbing.

DISCO BEAVER FROM OUTER SPACE doesn't qualify as a film, as it was a cable TV special and it was only an hour long. Bootleg copies of it can be located on the Internet.

I misspelled the film title of one film (not seen) and it should be OVERSEXED RUG SUCKERS FROM MARS.

The hideous but well intended STAR WARDS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL has a charm of its own. I mention it once in a while to place rampant Lucas fans from trying to dominate a conversation about science fiction films.

Of course, one of the great bad films is THE GREEN SLIME.

More to come on this topic...

And I agree with Ned Brooks on his assessment of BARN "stirred with a chainsaw".


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