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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Starring Mike Jittlov. Written by Mike Jittlov, Directed by Mike Jittlov.

VHS format. There was a Laser disc, but it is now largely unavailable, even on eBay. The flick has a minor cult following.

I've decided that THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME is not that good a film.,

I think it could have been much better, even given its shoe string budget.

The problem with it is that it gets Mike Jittlov out of the garage where he's spent all of his creative time and tries to move him into the real world. The real world burnt Jittlov's feelings, and he has withdrawn from creative work. As he did not get a dime or two at the completion of this movie.

It's okay. It's hokey, but after a few viewings I concluded it is emotionally shallow. What can you expect from a guy who won't shake hands? All of the human elements in the film seem stressed and contrived almost a foot note to Jittlov's creative efforts. And whenever the live action stops and the animation steps in, the film seems to really live and be worth watching. Too many pots shots are taken towards the film industry. Too many in jokes limit viewers.

I'd like to see a DVD of the film, though. A double DVD set, the second DVD filled with his complete short subjects, or as many of them as can be crammed into a disc. Interviews. Story boards. Pictures. Cartoons.

Don't think I'll be seeing it soon. Sources tell me that since Mike Jittlov was burned inwardly from his efforts, he's withdrawn creatively and has been playing martyr.

Frustrating only because there's subliminal frame in the flick that says "Mike Jittlov can do anything!" Except grow up, and move on. You can't build a career on bitterness.

Paul Krassner has admited to creating the frozen Walt Disney story. That he would be thawed out and revivied in the future when they could deal with lung cancer...

However, he asserts the following is true: A worker at the morgue propped up Uncle Walt in a chair and did a dance routine in front of the body.

The worker later added to his resume' that he "auditioned for Walt Disney".



At 6:46 AM, Blogger Jason Scott said...

Man, Jittlov takes a back seat to all of your creative work!

Oh, wait.

Put down the sandwich, kid.


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