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Thursday, May 25, 2006


This is a song (of sorts) I wrote a few years back. I wrote it out, it was much much longer than what appears here now. It got lost on my hard drive, which crashed a few years ago. Some people got copies of it, but they didn't save it. I did a print out, which seems to have been eaten by the house in it's odd way of doing things. Anyway, I may get back to this and complete it...

There is something you must know about me

I’m in love with you

And I have A.D.D

Might seem comforting

You helped put the fun in my dysfunctional

Even helped with my irrational self esteem

I’ve feel I could love you forever,
but we’ve only known each

Other for twenty four hours

But we could wait and see

I’m in love and I have A.D.D.

I could change my medication

and it would me find new dedications

and change my perspectives and the end result would be.

I’m in love and I have A.D.D.

Well, now let me see....

AND I have no idea why the lines appear under the text...


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