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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Some time back. I was reading Danny Sugarman's biography on Jim Morrison. A mention was made that Morrison had at one point, 23 paternity suits filed against him.

Where are these children? How come they haven't come together to produce a group called THE CHILDREN OF MORRISON?

Just wondering.


I was recollecting one car I had. A Ford Capri that lasted a decade and got about 350,000 miles on the odometer. Not bad. but at the end of its time it squealed, smoked and stalled. The headlights would go out. My wife found that they would go back on if you stomped on the brakes. Not good in the dark.

Good for a scare.

COMIC STRIP NEWS: The children in THE FAMILY CIRCUS have all be sent to a institution, after all of them had been diagnosed with microcephalia.

Does anyone still find CATHY funny? I gave up on it a while back. All problems caused by her own insecurities. I mean, if you complain about your weight, you slow down on the eating. Maybe she's insecure because she doesn't have a nose and her eyeballs are causing her pain because they're next to each other.

Marmaduke got hit by a truck.

The dweebs in SPORTS AND GIRLS all have herpies. Garfield has died of old age. The King in the Wizard of ID is taking Human Growth Hormones. "Momma" of Mel Lazurus fame, was killed by a suicide bomber in Isreal. Dennis the Menace was recently diagnosed as a really small creepy midget.

I had wondered--you ever see these guys wandering around with skinny bodies and a huge gut, looking like a beach ball? Ever consider the idea that they're unconsciously trying to grow thier own breast? And they like to rub it a lot? And they have an inverted nipple? And they could hide a plum in it?

Don't wonder too much.


I don't care for some recent fashion trends. The baggy droopy pants with the underwear sticking out never appealed to me. Probably because when I was in school, the only kids who wore this kind of clothing were in the Special Education kids. You know them--unable to comb their hair, snot running out their noses and crusted on the lips, t shirts on inside out and backwards-- and I failed to ever regard those individuals as fashion plates from which to scope ideas on how to look.

Mind you that I used to wear flare pants, thought they looked 'snazzy'. I never wore bell bottoms, or the elephant bells because the cloth always dragged the ground and caught mud and dirt and allowed it to be dragged inside your house or car. Elephant bells might be good if you really have big feet and are overly self conscious about it.

When the baggy pants trend started appearing I was waiting for one news item about it. It happened. News of the Weird picked it up with a few reports on these pants and the attempted robberies: they couldn't get anywhere and the robbers fell down because of their wardrobe malfunction.
Have you ever seen the film CALIGULA? Wouldn't it benifit from a laugh track? Just a thought.

Monday, July 04, 2005




Thank you for recognizing my genius. Today I woke up and I was depressed. I was depressed yesterday, but it was a different kind of depressed. I will probably be depressed later. I will write a story about my experiences.

My Holy God, I am depressed.

Barry Malzberg
Nobodylovesme, New Jersey


Where the hell am I?

Jean Paul Satre
Seventh Circle
Extra Crispy

I've decided I can't come home from work and settle down and write on the computer and fill out a blog. I get home, there's teenagers, dogs, teenager's friends, phone calls, check on the computer, feed the goats, the chickens, mow the lawn, deal with adults, prepare food for household, answer phone calls from people I do not know who want to sell me something...And so on. When I get up at 4 Am there's no pressure to do anything except settle back and wake up after a cup of coffee. Wandering in cyberspace looking over eBay auctions only permits me to spend money I ought to channel elsewhere.
SAo some time could be better spent settling back into my mind and letting loose with some of my views.


Letter from ROBERT E. HOWARD


I've discovered a new game. It's called "Texas Roulette". You take a gun and fill up the chambers with six bullets and aim it at your forehead. and fire. It's really a gas.

I got to go. I heard my Mom calling me.

Robert E. Howard
somewhere in Texas.


Another off the wall Texan. Too many of those creatures, running around loose.

Monday, June 27, 2005

I looked over a good number of reviews for the movie HOUSE OF WAX (2005). All reviews I encountered said it was a remake of the 1950's film with the same title. No one seemed aware it was based on an earlier film titled MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (1932). I attribute this oversight on people unable to deal with history, be it film or science or social. The earliest casting of this plot was much better than the remake with Vincent Price, despite all of his charm and oily delivery. It had Fay Wray and Lionel Atwill in it, the film was shorter and had more content, and was one of the earliest color motion pictures shot in two tone technicolor.

It seems the reviews of the recent remake were concerned with the lobotomy of a certain airheaded socialite, given all the information about her from the year past, this certainly was redundant.

At any rate, there is a DVD with HOUSE OF WAX with Vincent Price on it. It also has MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM on it as well. (Warner Brothers DVD11054). Forget about the remake. It exploits airheads. Find the DVD, purchase it, rent it and watch the one with Fay Wray.

The 3-D version isn't enclosed, though that might have been more promising if the director had any inkling of depth. Andre deThoth only had one eye.


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