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Sunday, April 23, 2006

TURKEY AND GRAVY SODA * * (out of five)

Well, I bought it and tried it. It's kind of interesting . I bought it at Target, which is the only distributor. It's a novelty item, and only gets distribution around Christmas--excuse me--the Holidays in December. They were sold in a pack of five, and at about $10.95. You get Turkey and Gravy, Cranberry, Wild Herb, Brussels Sprouts, and Pumpkin Pie.

The loser was Wild Herb. I like carbonation. But having to taste something tasting like oregano and other mild stuff was kind of annoying. The household did not like this one.

Brussels Sprouts got an okay, but the initial objection was to the sweetener used: Sucralose. It's awful, and has an after taste from hell.

Turkey and Gravy: Hokey, okay, but it has that Sucralose. The flavor was mild and interesting. Not oily.

Pumpkin Pie: nice, interesting but artificial, and plagued by that awful after taste.

Kind of a winner: Cranberry Soda. Liked by the household, in spite of the awful after taste. We've decided to get real cranberry, some CO2 Cartridges, a seltzer bottle and make our own.

And it won't have that crappy after taste... the way. The Wild Herb and Brussels Sprout sodas were not finished. Four and a half months later, they show no sign of decay. No mold, no bad smell, no color change. Not a sign I'd like to drink material that has a formaldehyde analogue within it.

Too artificial. I don't think I'll try again. My own ingenuity is better than the purchase of something costing nearly $2.00 a bottle. for further information. They change the photo labels a bit, and if they like what you've snapped, they might use yours. The Pumpkin Pie Soda has a nice lizard with a Santa Hat on it.



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