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Thursday, April 13, 2006

A few months back (around late October) I made mention in numberous posts to friends and family that two kinds of bugs swarm into parts of the house and garage seeking small cavities to pass the winter away. One of the insects are stinkbugs. They tend to stay in the garage, locating themselves under a small pile of cardboard. The others are ladybugs, which hide inside the house. My son and daughter don't like this: they bite. I wasn't overly worried about being bitten by a ladybug: they're small, I'd only worry if they were half an inch long, or if I was an aphid.

More recently as the climate gets back to spring weather, the ladybugs have moved out of hiding places and have tried to locate places to escape. Often they wind up under the sheets, or dropping into my ear when I'm sleeping. I woke up once trying to dig one out of my nostril. (Press other nose opening hold and blow out.) We leave windows open, often collecting a few and releasing them.

Many years ago someone I know said she and her boyfriend got stoned and in the dim candlelight watched a cockroach crawling on the ceiling. After several minutes, he yawned. At that moment the insect dropped from the ceiling into his mouth.


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