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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I LOATHE LUCY script #23


In this episode, Lucy comes home from grocery shopping to find Ricky junior passed out on the floor. He has been drinking Vodka.

Ricky is holed up in the bedroom with another woman. Lucy becomes furious. While she is seething, she sees an invitation to a Big Dance. Always one to find another excuse for shopping, she throws the other whore out and requests $10.00 from Ricky to buy a new dress. He refuses.

Lucy goes on the town to sell herself and raise money for the dress.

Hours and hours later, she comes home with a bag of nickles. It's $22.00 in nickles.

She cries and tells Ricky what she's done. "Who gave you the nickles?" he shouts.

"They all did!:" she cries. "Waaaaaugh!"

Fred Mertz drops in and gives Lucy a dime. "What's this for?" asks Ricky.

"It's a tip," he says.

Ending credits.

And I wonder why my screen writing career isn't going anywhere.

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