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Thursday, May 25, 2006

ALIEN EATS BAMBI was the name of the science fiction epic I wrote and offered to Disney, but I was turned down. "Look," I said, "this is the movie everyone is waiting for." "The only people who want this are the people who read FANGORA," came the response, "...and if this shows up on the internet in any form, your ass is grass...".

Threats. Don't like them, but they're great motivators.
I tried to leave the following comment but it was rejected because I don't have a blog myself.
Yours , George wells:
I, George H Wells, being of sound mind, write here that I have seen this website and will
gladly visit again.


Wasn't there an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where one of the senior officers were given true but incomplete information, leading to the conclusion that Data can be manipulated?

Note to Pauly Shore: when you release a movie with the title PAULY SHORE IS DEAD, you should consider that your career is in bad enough shape that it has turned into prophecy. At least the movie critics think so. Watch those titles.

Don't do it again, if they ever let you make another movie, I mean.


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