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Monday, August 28, 2006

LAWSUIT POTENTIAL: Warner Brothers and Disney

The Disney Company's recent release had some posters in the various cartoon and movie based websites I frequent chanting "Sue! Sue!" Over what? I wondered and read further to have my memory jolted. Seems the character design for "Chicken Little" and one certain Egg headed Junior from a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon are pretty much identical: large round head, comb, and large droopy glasses. I also suspect the facial design was built around that dweeby kid actor in the Stuart Little movies.

I had no plans to watch the film: the trailers I saw in the theaters stressed cuteness, and a lot of visual lifting from the Jimmy Neutron movie.

The movie rolled in mega bucks, because parents took their kids to see it. A "G" movie, regardless of quality will make its money back, given the state of the movie theater industries current stress symptoms.

There was a seven minute war time cartoon done in the early 40's from Disney with the same title. It's far better than the 80 minute exercise. Look for it.


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