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Sunday, September 24, 2006

So I thought...
I was up at 4 AM. When I got to deal with the water bed, I could not find the adapter, which is needed to attatch to the bag. Later in the morning I concluded a relative who'd lived here briefly had thrown it away when cleaning up (if he didn't know what it was, no one else knew either). And still later, there wasn't any store listed in Kent County that carried water bags. I had to go to New Castle County. Still later, the drill pump I had didn't work. It's replacement (and more driving around) was filled with petrolium jelly to keep customers wondering.I could not get any water to move down the hose and into the bathtub. I found this out only after a half hour of wondering if I had bought a defective piece of equipement and had to drive out to replace it.

The large problem with water beds is moving the bag when it won't drain anymore. This might mean it will have ten to twenty gallons of water inside, and it will resist moving. I grabbed yanked shoved pulled hit cussed and repeated this exercise about twenty times.I had gotten it out of the bed frame. I decided not to move it the 100 feet or so to the other side of the house, but to deposit it in the bathtub.Another half hour passed with more pulling and yanking and pushing and shoving anf cussing. I added kicking to this list. Once in the tub,I relaxed. The draining hole was not on the bottom, but at the top. Chanting "Die Monster die!" I got a butcher knife and sliced it open. The water poured out. I was happy. I rekilled it several times over the course of the day.

The bag leaked. One time before my son decided to see what the deal was and poked a pen through the plastic. He was two. Attempts at sealing the bag resulted in leaks that came out over the patches placed over the patches placed over the original puncture. Of course, the manual for these that says : "Drain bag and dry it out," which could take weeks.

So we know why Water beds are not seen in overwhelming numbers in society.


At 2:26 PM, Blogger Robert Whitaker Sirignano said...

My wife wrote to me on this "Die Monster die"? So that's what's been happening to all my good knives.



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