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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Still more notes of Details to Follow.... Laura's ex whatever did try to run her off the road in his car, forgot that she always carries a cell phone with her and had a witness in the car and was shortly arrested after a 911 call. Let's see: another court date for some people in this family.

Leo's day in court to to confront and bear witness against the fellow student who punched him in the nose bore the guilty charge. This kid was to have gone through his third year in the seventh grade. I have no idea how many years he spent in the sixth (this is a Southern State). During testimony, Leo reported the detail of why he was being stalked by this kid: "He said I swallowed a penny, so I must be gay." At that statement his mother leaned back a bit to look at me, while she and her son shared a decent chuckle.

Six months probation, anger managment courses, repaying the time I spent hanging around the court (for two days--she and the kid didn't show up for the first hearing), finding a school that will take this lad, etc.

Leo and I had a better chuckle.

The cat has managed to deal with being back and living in the garage. Too bad I can't get him to push the mower.

The water bed is leaking, so I have to deal with that later on this day. I've often reflected that the removing of a mattress once the water has been removed is very much like trying to move a large animal with all the bones removed, and it will absolutely not help you.


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