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Sunday, October 15, 2006



My son asked the question "when I popped pimples did they squirt"?. I asked if he and his friends were trying for distance. No, He was just curious.

Maybe there's a future for a products that squirt when you pop them. Zit wrap.


News about odd Florida drivers was sounded on the radio. I recall someone telling me that Florida has the most elderly set of drivers. And a number of them just give up the ghost behind them wheel. What had been a short drive --die and the car plows off the road, has been replaced by a prolonged drift because the driver has engaged the cruise control and the car continues on for as long as the road remains without a curve.


I once wrote about this among a few friends. Still is weird. I used to listen to the radio in my car. The driving around Delaware has many bridges and under passes. The radio would dim and fade.

I no longer bother to listen to the radio. I play tapes. But the sound still dims when I go under the bridges and under passes, as my hearing has turned into a Pavlovian reflex.


Paul Krassner dropped me a note, in order to inform me that the Wally Wood "Disney Orgy" poster was available again. I had one, but it seems to be missing, what with a few sticky fingered ex housemates lurking about. I told him I mentioned him on my blog, sent the URL, ... Just scroll down...he wrote: I scrolled down on your blog and it was bizarre to see something made up about me, when that's what I do to others."

I didn't make it up. I read it. --Uh--Somewhere. Yeah, that's it... check out PAUL KRASSNER.COM for information on the poster and some of his books. And CD's.



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