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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back when I did a paper zine, I got many repsonses for asking what is the worst SF film you have even seen? For the most part, people had some opinions, any there were a few that didn't match others, probably because the intersections of media were different then, and people could only see what was offered on TV in the prehistoric days before cable, VHS and DVD. George Wells was asking this question, suggesting a recent entry, MAMMOTH, that he saw on cable. Then Ned Brooks suggests BARN OF THE BLOOD LAMA, both films I'd never seen or heard of. I point out that BLOOD FREAK is dreadful in many ways, since its about a man who eats radioactive turkey meat, turns into a freak with a turkey head and can only live if he drinks the blood of pot smokers. The director of this film felt that his creation--an anti dope, anti communist, pro Christian film, did not get the exposure it deserved. The DVD has extras, and interviews, so this is definitely one strange, very bad picture, which is given strange treatment with the DVD extras. George Wells didn't believe the other entries in the bad film universe QUEEN KONG or JESUS CHRIST, VAMPIRE HUNTER existed. Proof? There you are. Clearly, the topic can be expanded upon and on, so..

TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE got my vote years ago, but now I'm not so sure. This flick was put into the theaters because the distributers could make money on it because it was already made, as it was someone's home movie. That alone gets it a tinge of respect.


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