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Sunday, October 08, 2006

WE ARE THE WORMS by The Worms is on my iPod. I became aware of this song during a Dr. Demento Concert I attended, which The Good DD played a few choice songs that had lawyers arrive at his door to say "We'd like it if you wouldn't play that song anymore." On the air at least. I spent a few years tracking down the 45, but only found it through a CD compilation on eBay.

Starting with thunderstorm sounds, a high huh huh huh giggle, it winds out:

"We are the worms
out on the sidewalk
we are the ones that make a squishy mess
so watch out where you walk".

It's sung in a squeaky voice --engineered and speeded up vocals--and is anonymous. Probably so that Micheal Jackson's lawyers can't seek him out to sue his pants off. Not that Mr Jackson would mind seeing that.

This was in 1983, at a combo Weird Al Yankovic concert, with Dr. D and Benny Bell (who sang his song "Shaving Cream". They discovered he was still alive...), a present given to me by my then fiance and still wife, who understood the nature of wanting to twist stuctures around.


Quite frequently rumors flow through the post office. And about two years back, the was one about proposed layoff and employee consolidation.

So a Supervisor, dubbed Mr Stupid by many, gathered his crew together, and announced that
"As for the rumors we have heard passing though this office. Be aware that nine times out of ten, seventy percent of these stories are not true."

Must be new math.

Mr Stupid generated a lot of eye brow raising when he couldn't tell two employees apart. Both of them are named Brian. But one is thin, and one is a little pudgy. The bulky Brian had a mild leukenia, and was under going chemotherapy, which caused him to miss more than a few days of work.

Mr Stupid called the thin Brian into his office and told him that he had better not miss any more time, or there would be consequences.


BAD MOVIE UPDATE (sort of): Watched GASSSSS, the last film Roger Corman directed. It's a flat rambling movie with no suspense, or motivation. Fifteen minutes of the film were interesting and one was the songs by Country Joe and the Fish, and a eroticly charged light show (easily the best part of the movie). 95 percent of the film was shot out of doors, in the early morning in Texas, or something standing in as Texas. Parts of the film that took place indoors did not have a sound check, so these scences sound vastly different (and bad). One strange perk: Cindy Williams whoring around, making deals with three guys who initially wanted to rape her, but she asked if she could pick who would be first...

Plot? Taking place off stage and illustrated in the credits is the release of a gas that killed everyone over the age of 25. Then it turns into a road chase, some of our heros are driving and Edsel, with a horse mounted to the hood. LOGAN'S RUN it isn't. (And that's not much of a flick either.) It dribbles down to Hippies versus College Jocks. No mention or concern for anyone under age ten. No bodies, no answers.

Oh well.

This was Roger Corman's last directed movie, and I assume after he saw the crap job he'd done, decided it was time to hide under the mantle of production and give interviews to people asking about the good old days, when Jack Nicholson would work for peanuts and he tried to avoid unions by shooting his films any where any time...


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