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Saturday, January 13, 2007


It's been a while since I was frequently writing and adding to this e zine. Hopefully, this will change. As a postal worker, I could not resist tapping this into the system. It was dated the 10th of Jan 2007. ::::

WAUKESHA, Wis. - A mail carrier had a blood-alcohol level nearly four times the legal limit when he was arrested for driving his delivery truck into oncoming traffic and crashing into a sign, police said.

Thomas Lahiff was incoherent Friday when he returned to the post office, where he was arrested about an hour after the crash, Police Capt. Mike Babe said. He said tests showed the 46-year-old’s blood-alcohol level was 0.31 percent.

Lahiff now faces a drunken driving charge and was ticketed for hit-and-run causing property damage, Babe said. Police said Lahiff’s postal truck had crossed into oncoming traffic, jumped a curb and hit a “no parking” sign.It happened about an hour before he returned to the post office, and it’s not clear where he was in the meantime, Babe said.

Postal Service spokeswoman JoAnne Blackburn said Lahiff was involved in an accident and would not be delivering mail pending an investigation, but she would not elaborate.

A few years back, a NYC postal clerk was arrested for prositution, but Postal Officials declined to answer charges she would be fired, because "she wasn't on the clock."


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