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Sunday, October 22, 2006

SEX IS LOTS OF FUN is not the name of this e zine, though someone else could have used it by now.
What I mean about Bad films, are not attempts to be bad or a smug recreation (such as THE LOST SECRETS OF CADAVERA 2005) of period films.

Take THE GIANT CLAW. Directed by Fred Sears, starring Jeff Morrow (later of RAT PATROL fame), up to the point the monster is seen by the audience, seems to be a fairly straight forward monster movie. Once the giant Beaky Buzzard creature is seen, all the life and tensions and logic and sympathy are sucked out and shot into whatever kind of black hole you can think of. You just can't deal with the film as even entertaining except on the level of "Gawd, how stupid!" Bill Warren in his KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES Vol #1, says that Morrow was watching the film premier in his home town. When the giant flying Dodo hit the screen, the shrank into his chair and wanted to leave the theater , unseen. The studio didn't even let the stars see it before it was released.

And there's even a scene where film footage of a New York City sequence has a flying Saucer, since Fred Sears directed EARTH VERSUS FLYING SAUCERS (and I like that one), and was recycling.

This is what I mean about a bad film: good intentions and planning and work gone horribly wrong. And in this case, the special effects were farmed out to a studio in Mexico. And these days we all know about that kind of outsourcing.

By the way, Bill Warren's two books, KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES Vol. 1 and 2 are still available in a pricey omnibus volume from McFarland books. It covers all (then) known SF films the author saw from 1950-1965. It missed a few like THIS IS NOT A TEST, and covers a few really obscure ones I never saw, like THE SPACE CHILDREN. Warren doesn't seem to be doing any further updating, and no further volumes seem to be forthcoming. I keep reading the titles because of the complete sense of content.


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