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Thursday, January 24, 2008

FROM BEYOND A DVD from Stuart Gordon....

I'd seen this film before in the VHS version. The "new" version doesn't seem much different. It's nowhere near as good as HERBERT WEST, RE ANIMATOR. Okay, so the actors tear open Barbra Crampton's blouse. That was done better on HERBERT WEST, and it was more...weird?

I'm familiar with the original story, having read it several times.

I'll admit the movie isn't the story, but only touches upon it.

But there are several flaws in the movie...when Pratoreus "comes back" after having his head sucked off, why does it say "human beings are such easy prey"? There have been other humans? Or how does "it" know what "it" ingested? Why can't the thing maintain a shape?

Why does Tillighast, after being affected by the resonator and grows an eyeball on a stalk, find himself unable to eat food? He has to go eat chunks of hospital's transplant liver specimens and suck eyeballs out of people's eye sockets? Why is that? Why does he spit them out?

Pure exploitative trash, worthy of Herschel Gordon Lewis.

Carolyn Purdy Gordon can't act. She always sounds like a shrew. She has a mouth like a purse. She's the director's wife. She's in a couple of films that he's directed. She's a pin up girl somewhere in Bizarro World.

When you have a clock countdown, don't keep adding visual seconds. I mean, when the clock is down to four seconds, you do not have ten seconds of screen time.

There about five minutes of time where this story hits upon the H.P. Lovecraft story. The rest is good actors who were working to get paid. A bit better than the director's SPANISH INQUISITION movie (the worst sucky ending for this director).


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