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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Forgot to add some extra details of fragmented stories long past...

Once a visitor going to the older New Castle Delaware post office asked why there were a signifigant number of "x's" marked out with duct tape on the floor.

He was told: "That's where we put the buckets when it rains."
The post office has had a few people who like to clock in, and then go after food while on the clock and drive off the premises. One guy does this daily, just to get coffee.

One man who was fired got his car slammed into while not being on the grounds. He tried to beat the red light a couple of seconds too late. Must be something to explain to your spouse about why you got fired. For this man that I know, being the fly on the wall would have been entertaining.

Not sure who "Linda Pollard" was, but she was on the payroll for five years while I started off and there were paychecks, and raises, and no one ever saw this person. A note on the board said she had retired, but no one had ever seen her.


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