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Sunday, January 06, 2008


When operating your forklift, please remember where the wall is, and that the wall is not easily replaceable.

If you have a worker who is called "Buttcrack cheese" behind their backs, you'll eventually find out why.
One worker who was dismissed recently for saying things like "I know munitions. I can level this building," was also responsible for taping a dead crab to the underside of a tool box of a mechanic he did not like. The odor was around for weeks and no one could pin point it as to where.
One time a supervisor was dismissed for responding to a worker who phoned in sick by going to his house to prove it one way or another, and attempted to bring him back to the plant. PS: you just don't do these kind of things.
I work with a man who has a grasp of the obvious and he frequently says things like "You're here today, right?"


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