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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Again, looking at the book WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? (by David Hofstede) being "the 100 Dumbest events in Television History" seems to think "The Flying Nun" was a hideous event, ignoring the contemporary "The Pruitts of Southhampton". In the latter, Phylis Diller played a wealthy woman who becomes broke and tries to keep up the facade that she is still rich.

And "Turn On" isn't even mentioned. That was the show that was canceled after its first appearance. One midwest station dropped it after 12 minutes were played because of a few phoned in complaints, leaving only an on the air screen check to fill out the remainder of the half hour. Four shows were made and in the can before it was killed.

Still an update on this book would need to involve the death of Anne Nichole Smith, who got more air coverage than certain presidents of this country received. Then again, none of them was a Playboy Bunny.

Then there's a whole chapter devoted to "Scrappy Do", but nothing for "Godzooky".


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