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Sunday, July 22, 2007

George H. Wells reports:

Dear Robert,
Dennis K. Lien, sf reader and librarian, once tried _outlining the
plot_ of Werewolf Vs Vampire Woman but had to give it up as an impossible
[more or less] task. In one chapter Wandessa and Waldo discuss how they
have to stay where they are [so they won't be discovered?]. On the first
page of the NEXT CHAPTER there's a sentence [or as Gary Tesser has said a
'nonsentence'] which I'll quasi-quote as "-So one day Waldo and Wandessa
decided it would be nice to move to California so they did.-"
Hope all is well with you all.
Your pal, George Pal
[actually Wells}

Someone e mailed me and inquired of the cover, asking innocently with tongue in cheek, if this was where Kevin Duane got his start as a furry?

Then he Googled Kevin Duane and got some sincere evil laughs. You could do the same.


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