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Monday, July 09, 2007

GOING POSTAL : IN THE POSTAL ZONE: Working with boneheads

“I had asked the guy if I could come in early.”


“Mitch. He said I couldn't. I told him I had come in early before. Said I was no longer allowed to do that.”


“He made up a new rule. And I don’t know why. He did it because he could do it. Anyway, I asked about the overtime day and if I could come in early. He said no, and then I asked if I could put in a change of schedule. He said no. I asked him why not. He said I had to report at my regular time. That’s what I wanted to have that Change Of Schedule for. I told him if it was my day off, I had no schedule and then I could come in when I was allowed. Mitch said, no, I have no schedule and had to report at my regular time. My regularly scheduled time. Then I said, then I do have a schedule, and therefore I could put in a request for a change."


“He said no, because he didn’t want to hear any more about it. He was the Boss and I wasn’t to question him. Because it was an Overtime day, so I had to come in at my scheduled time. He finally said there's no change of schedule for a drop day."

"When did that become a rule."

"The moment he said it."


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