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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Hi Robert - WEREWOLF VS THE VAMPIRE WOMAN is an even worse movie than QUEEN KONG, dull as dishwater. But the novel by Arthur N Scarm (or Scram, apparently a pseudonym for Leo Guild) has a strange fascination. It's not just the syntax that's bizarre, so is the imagery. George's readings from it at DeepSouthCon made it so popular that Alan Hutchinson did a set of great illos for it, which were then published in two editions - a 6-copy hardcover (John Guidry knew a binder in New Orleans) and 4-on-1 SFPA micro-print edition with the pb pages printed 4 to a standard sheet and the Hutchinson illos full-page. Years later I let Fender Tucker at Ramble House have the scans and he published a pb with a cover by Gavin O'Keefe - I tried to get the Hutchinson art included, but he could never reach Hutchinson for permission. Now if they would just do an anime version based on the artwork....

I wouldn't pay $50 for the QUEEN KONG pb either. But I see that I have two of them - I'd trade you the rather worn one for anything else weird that I don't have.

By all means tell us about the geese and the goats. I have never tried to keep any sort of animal. I'm very allergic to cats. My mother and sister kept an ancient dog for friends on and off - it got out and ran off and when I tried to catch it, it bit me. I told them I would sue for the loss of my career as a hand model, but in fact the scar has vanished and I'm no longer sure where it was.

Best, Ned

Ned's referencing a note I send him about Giani's efforts at raising geese in the dining room (near the laundry) and Leo's efforts at raising goats in his bedroom. The draw backs to the geese are the smell they eventually produce, the flies and night long peeping. The flies were so bad, a strip of fly paper would be cloaked with them after a night. That's why they were moved out.

Leo's efforts with the goats produced one inspired comment. He woke up grim and sleepy, complaining that the kid kept him up all night.


And someone is sending me a copy of WEREWOLF VS. VAMPIRE WOMAN. It is not "versus" just Vs. If you check references to it on various websites, it's "Vs", including the book cover. I'll pass on QUEEN KONG, even if I could read the "lyrics" to the songs sung in the movie. Memories of Ray Fay on the Giant Picnic table will haunt me until I find another film as equally absurd. Or worse.

I have attempted to watch the movie of WEREWOLF VS THE VAMPIRE WOMAN. The first scene is very good. I can't recall the rest of it because I feel asleep. Not once, but over several attempts at watching it.


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