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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Laura moved out to Montana, under a Horatio Alger scholarship to study the effects of fresh air on Delaware lungs. Or something. I sent her DVDs of the tv show TITUS, so she'll have recognition humor about the family she escaped from.

Her x-boy friend has a lifetime order of no contact, and it sounds good. He's busy pumping gas and going bald. He doesn't have the smarts to operate a computer, so he won't see this comment.

Leo is spending his time of the summer doing games and DVDs and staying up all hours, going to bed as I go to work (about 5 AM). He wonders if the families of Titus and the ones in MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE could do a series and would be a good cross over. (What was Malcolm's last name, anyway?)

Giani is going to jail soon.

Friskit the dog has gone blind, but is happy, wags his tail when we talk to him, and constantly misses the newspaper. There are times when he gets angry with Scampi dog and snarls and runs after with with his four remaining teeth with intent to bite and savage. The solution is to grab him and spin him around a few times and he'll spend about half an hour trying to re orient himself and forget whatever doggie altercation caused him to lash out.

Saw TRANSFORMERS last night on the big screen. A good loud noisy effort, aimed at perpetual 14 year olds and geeks and folks who like exploding cars, buildings and falling debris. The best impersonation of John Cusack ever.

Bad news: someone is doing a "Chipmunks" movie. Jason Lee needs the money to pay for his Scientology involvement.


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