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Sunday, June 03, 2007

BOB DYLAN and other unrelated topics....

The gutter press could get Dylan for an affair, drug addiction or tax evasion, but I doubt they could get him for not taking a bath.
Rich D.

Yes, that item is hard to spot in print.

However, Chester Anderson left one loose end. Under a
pseudonym, Chester Anderson had published a gay sex diary titled PUPPIES (his), and mentions an affair with one dirty Lazlo Scott, unwashed, often lifting other people's words and tunes into his was published under the name John Valentine, and put out by Entwhistle Books, which is helmned by Paul Williams, the writer and editor, and not the dwarf singer from PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE.

from Ned Brooks:

I think I still have Chester Anderson's THE BUTTERFLY KID, which I had
heard of in fanzines. But if I ever read it I have forgotten it all.
Looking at it I see it was from Pyramid in 1967 and cost 60 cents. And I
either read some of it or loaned it, as it has my old address stamp on
the inside front cover. I did that if I actually carried a "pocketbook"
about in my pocket, in case a shop-owner should accuse me of stealing
it. But all I ever had of Dylan was the sound, so if he was ugly or
smelled bad I would not have noticed. Back then I liked his songs but
preferred to hear them sung by someone with an actual voice, but later I
came to appreciate his own noise. Mozart would probably not have met
modern standards of personal hygiene either. ∫˜∫˜∫˜∫

THE BUTTERFLY KID was on the Hugo Ballot on the basis of six nominations, which gives it a peculiar and dubious distinction of its being the one novel that got on the ballot with the fewest nominations. Yes, Dylan's voice. He got better as he got older and her must have listened to his own recordings because the texture of the vocals changed with each album. I've often heard that Dylan is one person who should have fronted a group.

I even got around the finishing off VARIABLE STAR by Robert A. Heinlein and Spider Robinson, which is entertaining enough, though it could fall into the
catagory of a "fair" Heinlein, which is better than most. Robinson was able to deal with subject and prose without falling into parody.

I also recently read that Emma
Wentz collaboration Heinlein did, easily the poorest story he had a hand in doing. If anyone is familiar with it, can you inform me that Heinlein was doing a bad Thorne Smith dialog capture? I think he must have admired Smith's banter, since elements of verbal horseplay show up in his work

During the
BALTICON, the weekend past, shortly before nodding off, watched the Sci-Fi- Channel's LAKE PLACID 2 , which deals with some Gators that are large and eat people. As the movie went on its predictable pace, I counted the people who were Gator snacks and those who would live. A tad too obvious.


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