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Monday, April 02, 2007

SWIPED FROM MY OWN SKETCHBOOK: little is known of the saga of Edward Ferrethands...

From the internet:
Re: rats and soap.
We had a major infestation of mice less than three days after our cat died. The mice weren't fussy. They attacked Ivory, Safeguard, Lux, Jergens, Tone, Camay, Palmolive, you name it, ... everything but Lava. Most were either bars in soap dishes or used ends I'd melt for home-made liquid soap, but some were still in the wrappers (in the linen closet yet!!).
We found an excellent way to live-catch the mice (and get rid of the remaining dry cat food) was a LARGE plastic bucket and long, narrow wooden plank. It took about three weeks and we caught over a dozen before they got the hint.
Helen and Terry Buranello

:: Doesn't Lava soap contain pumice? Could be those rough granuals might annoy the mouse's innards.

I had some notion that "The Bed Sitting Room" was a soap-opera sort of
movie. Now that you say it's a Spike Milligan post-holocaust fantasy I'd
like to see it!--Ned Brooks

THE BED SITTING ROOM has quite a cast: Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Harry Secombe, Marty Feldman, Ralph Richardson and directed by Richard Lester. If it had won a Hugo it might be better known.


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