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Sunday, February 18, 2007

YOUR DOG LOOKS DEMENTED, wrote Susan Palermo, after I had downloaded this image. The dog is a cross between something like a Beagle and a runty Shi zu. (That one eyed dog a few postings back is the Daddy. I think he used a chair).

I seem to have accumulated a few biographies. It's a polite way to eavesdrop, reading over the lives of people who interested me.

I have a biographies and autobiographies of Mark Twain, John Leguizamo, Charles Addams, Richard Pryor, Wally Wood, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, and a few others.... I did read the one on Charles Addams, which I found kind of sorrowful. He managed to allow others to siphon off his money and never really set up defenses against such situations. On the other hand, he dated Greta Garbo and Jackie Kennedy. Surprisingly, he found ideas for cartoons to be few, and often relied on others for suggestions.

And it has been cold these past few days. I cut up logs, haul them to the house, sit by the fire with a copy of a Stephen King or L. Ron Hubbard book. Big thick books like these two write will keep a fire going all weekend.


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