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Sunday, April 01, 2007

RADIOACTIVE HAMSTER DANCE is not the name of this blog. I just had some passing thoughts or two.

There is one good thing about the Goerge W. Bush administration. It has so depressed Kurt Vonnegut Jr. that he has aquired writer's block. Maybe he should have worn his sunscreen.

If all the material written by and about H.P.Lovecraft were stacked up, the resulting mass would probably fall over.

By the way, it is about time people stopped refering to Kilgore Trout as the "persona" of Theodore Sturgeon. It's an insult to the man who could write nebulas around Vonnegut's simplistic "so it goes" primer style.

I usually don't do URL's in this blog, but there are some good connections here and there:

This one will last as long as Harlan Ellison doesn't hear of it.

A Star Trek parody, as if it would be if it were written by Dr. Suess.

I've been working with a device called iMic, which allows you to transfer and digitalize LP's onto computer files, which can then be made into compact dics, or loaded onto a spare hard drive and tranfered to an iPod. Next on my list of LP's to digitalize will be Sandy Baron's HOW I FOUND GOD, ZEN YOGA, EST, ARICA, SUFI, SCIENTOLOGY...AND MY LIFE STILL SUCKS. Internet spies tell me that Paul Krassner wrote it.


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