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Sunday, February 18, 2007

BECAUSE I COULDN'T DRAW A SMURF, okay? Those damn Gnomes bugged me too.

How to save some time: when you read the newspapers, skip over anything to do with a drunken movie star, or a movie star in ReHab, or about to be released from ReHab, or is about to go into ReHab. Ignore movies with Pauly Shore, Larry the Cable Guy and Rob Schneider. Do not buy a best seller. Do not purchase things endorsed by Celebrity's. Do not read about dead Celebrity's and the aftermath of their death. Avoid reality TV. Albums by anyone who has won "American Idol" suck. If you want music, don't purchase anything by Bob Dylan. If you want to watch Television Programs, wait for the DVD.


I got on the mind jag because I was trying to load a list onto about books and DVD's that aren't available, or have gone out of print. It seems that you can't write about it if the product can't be sold. So part of my list would be:

GHASTLY BEYOND BELIEF, edited by Neil Gaiman...a collection of off the wall quotes from bad science fiction books and films. has a gentleman willing to part with his copy for $177.00

Nigel Kneale's BBC broadcast DVD issue of YEAR OF THE SEX OLYMPICS. Other gentleman in the Amazon.Com.UK want £90. for this item. And the original broadcasts of the three QUATERMASS series are not generally available here (QUATERMASS 2 is obtainable from Sinister Cinema somewhere on the web).

THE BED SITTING ROOM was nominated for a Hugo, but hasn't been seen on a VHS tape or a DVD. An interesting all star cast for this Spike Milligan adapted play about a post holocaust world where people turn into furniture.

more later?


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