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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Settling into the computer room, the heat on a little, with stuffed sinuses and an annoyed feeling. The weather report said snow, but what I see outside the window is like what I see what I brush my hair. Some white stuff, but not exactly a whole lot. 

I made a joke a while back about Ewe Boll directing CANDYLAND. Seems other people have also had this idea, and other "films" under consideration based on games are : CHUTES AND LADDERS, MONOPOLY, BATTLESHIP...

...Sigh. Mentally bankrupt Hollywood.

The new technology does allow for some surprises. But when I was watching a trailer for  CHRISTMAS CAROL, there was a sequence of Jim Carrey swinging, flying on a bell. I realised this was only added to make a reference point for a video game. 

Making art, but wanting specifics for a video game added to the movie. No wonder really good movies are a scarce item in the theater. 

I'm slowly poking about the clear the kipple that has grown, and try to get some sort of visual clarity here. As in: I know that is!, something that isn't easy right now.  I don't think it would make a good video game. I think finding the CD between two books is not a good idea. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


   I have seen a few posts elsewhere about PETA. Those "we care so much about animals, and if you harm one, we'll kill you."  Those kind folks.

I found recent media discussions about PETA amusing.  After a stuffed moose head bonked a woman on the head after falling off a wall in a bar, Peta offered to replace it with an unrealistic looking paper replica. 

PETA also complained when President Obama swatted a fly. 

So, if you're a real die hard asshole of a PETA organization, and a mosquito drops on your arm, you must be kind enough to this parasite  to fill itself until it flies off?  Having had West Nile Virus, I'm for smashing them painfully into my arm. Several times.

Currently they want to replace weather forecasting groundhogs with animatronic replicants so the ground hogs won't bite any more people or be tortured. Last known people to be bitten: Bill Murry, for GROUND HOG DAY and Mayor Bloomberg of New York. 

I think that these  groundhogs get better treatment than kids in Haiti. 

I wonder if people in Peta would make good lampshades?

*I can hear the crickets chirping!!!!*

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