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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Settling into the computer room, the heat on a little, with stuffed sinuses and an annoyed feeling. The weather report said snow, but what I see outside the window is like what I see what I brush my hair. Some white stuff, but not exactly a whole lot. 

I made a joke a while back about Ewe Boll directing CANDYLAND. Seems other people have also had this idea, and other "films" under consideration based on games are : CHUTES AND LADDERS, MONOPOLY, BATTLESHIP...

...Sigh. Mentally bankrupt Hollywood.

The new technology does allow for some surprises. But when I was watching a trailer for  CHRISTMAS CAROL, there was a sequence of Jim Carrey swinging, flying on a bell. I realised this was only added to make a reference point for a video game. 

Making art, but wanting specifics for a video game added to the movie. No wonder really good movies are a scarce item in the theater. 

I'm slowly poking about the clear the kipple that has grown, and try to get some sort of visual clarity here. As in: I know that is!, something that isn't easy right now.  I don't think it would make a good video game. I think finding the CD between two books is not a good idea. 


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