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Friday, January 22, 2010


Or someone ought to proof read these books

"The gunslinger approached the bar. 'You got hamburger?' he asked.

'Sure.'  She looked him in the eye, and she might have been pretty when she started out, but now her face was lumpy and there was a livid scar corkscrewed across her forehead. She had powdered it heavily, but it called attention rather than camouflaging. 'It's dear though.' "

(page 27)

He knew why the rhyme had occurred to him. There had been the recurring dream of his room in the castle and of his father, who had sung it to him as he lay solemnly in the tiny bed by the window of many colors. She did not sing it at bedtime....

(page 71). Someone just changed sex.

I was trying to find out why King keeps writing these stories. Gave myself a shot. But I would only buy thrift store editions.  After finishing the third novella herein, I'll put my project on hold. 

The quotes are from the paperback edition, which makes it something like the third or forth edition. 

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At 10:54 AM, Blogger xero said...

Found another.

"'What would you be afraid of?'
The BOOK (boy) looked at him ominously. 'Spooks. Of him coming back.'"


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