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Sunday, August 30, 2009


This piece of intellectual cheese was found on the Postal Intranet.:::

While is a great day for confusion among the customers about what the postage
rate is and what a "forever stamp" value is... this one made as all amused...

An elderly customer came into the lobby and when the clerk asked if she may
help her , the customer presented the used up backing portion of a Forever
sheet without any stamps on it, and asked for a replacement, the clerk told the
customer , "that will be $8.80 ", the customer was incredulous. She stated that
she "bought a forever book and we should give her stamps forever". You just
had to smile as the clerk explained that the "forever stamps" were good
"forever" no matter what the first class postage was, not once you brought a
book we replaced them for free. The customer was unsatisfied with this response
and left complaining that "forever" doesn't last as long as it used to.

I didn't believe it for a second. This note was sent out the day rates rose. It is simply a "blond" joke. Or a "senile" joke. It has a beginning middle and end.

It is a pity that post office wallows in this kind of BS.

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