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Friday, June 05, 2009

BUCKWHEAT FLORIDA Jr.  did nothing to contribute to this on line 'zine.  I was wondering if anyone would google up the name to see if any information could be obtained by or about him.

   I recently make some sort of promise to myself to  purchase fewer books. Read the ones that haven't been cracked open, scanner with my eyes and information downloaded into my neurons.  The spell lasted only briefly.   I saw a small news item in the New York Daily news.  J. D. Salinger threatens a  lawsuit over a book. Ah, I thought, cool. What is it? 

Seems someone wrote a book titled 60 YEARS LATER COMING THROUGH THE RYE.  By one J. D. California. "It's a complete rip off," said Salinger's lawyer. 

Cool, I thought. And ordered it from  It has already been published in England. It can be ordered from the states through a broker.

I've always found CATCHER IN THE RYE to be annoying. Reading about immaturity can only go so far. From Salinger's reactions over the years about his own little world, maybe he hasn't grown up much either. Cranky in old people is immaturity, yes? 


At 6:20 AM, Blogger Chip Sheffield said...

Buckwheat is BuckLeeBell and he lives in Chang Mai Thailand. He is currently selling some of his more recent artwork.


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