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Sunday, May 03, 2009

I recently took my son shopping We went to the Acme. We wondered about people who bought bottled water. In this household, we distill it. Got a little gallon distiller, and we try to do a few every other day. Cost is about 6-7 cents for the effort. It is steam distilled.

  Sitting on the shelves was a large new display of "Baby Water". Steam distilled. Said so on the label. Formulated for newborns.  It would be terrible if it was distilled with bleach, or something. I wasn't aware that distilled water was an essential for newborns.

 (Let alone soy "milk" which causes horrid smells.)

    Consumers. Falling for one con game after another. Take a look at the baby food industry. My wife and I fed out son stuff we ate, and wondered how much extra cash people pay out to have food softened for a babe to eat, when they could do it themselves.. 

    America. Wasting resources for your dollar. 

     And I even saw this package for  "Woody Woodpecker Bird Seed".

      Woodpeckers aren't seed eaters. Later...


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