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Sunday, June 28, 2009

60 YEARS LATER COMING THROUGH THE RYE by J.D.CALIFORNIA has been discouraged from existing by J.D. Salinger's lawyers. And won't sell it... Phooey. Holden Caufield is one of the annoying snot nosed whiners in literature. This is a character that needs a hobby.

Ah well. Fair game of parody law would allow the book to be published, as with the book DONE BEEN GONE WITH THE WIND, telling that GONE WITH THE WIND tale from the viewpoint of a slave. Margaret Michell's estate sued. They lost.

Likewise many years back, Leonard Bernstein sued Mad Magazine for parodies to WEST SIDE STORY. The squabble reached the Supreme Court, which said in a ruling that "Leonard Bernstein does not own iambic pentameter."


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