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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is the fate of STAR WARS and all subsequent media attachments, including all the plastic crap and dolls and games and "whatever" they can stick a picture of Yoda onto.

To start: I have a copy of THE PHANTOM MENACE. It was gotten fewer viewings in this house than HORROR OF PARTY BEACH. A large chunk of the plot seems to feel an awful lot like THE INVISIBLE BOY, so much so that a lawsuit could be created to deal with it. I have only watched the DVD of PHANTOM MENACE once. It does not live. The HORROR DVD has been gone over five times because its...ah...unusual. It has more life in it.

And Jar Jar Binks. Some fans think there should be an edition where he is edited out, leaving a blank that people talk to, and probably a mental filler information bit would be "it's the force". Or there could be computer re enhancement, where Jar Jar is replaced by Pee Wee Herman or Howard the Duck. Or something.

More on this later?


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