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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Thank you all for your card and letter.

People have written and asked questions. One was "How did the goat get out of its pen?" I asked, but it wasn't telling. Goats like to scratch themselves by rubbing up against the fencing wire and it probably found a weak spot on the fencing, and made use of it.

I was warned not to watch a certain dog movie and SHAKES THE CLOWN. Sorry, I already watched SHAKES, and it is bad. I now possess bragging rights. But I expected more from Bobcat Goldthwait, because he was right on in his slightly demented portrait of one of the Egg Twins in ONE CRAZY SUMMER. I guess this might be a first--the pair of twins was fraternal, and both of them acted like they were born a shade too prematurely, both affecting bad speech patterns. And of course, BobCat Goldthwait becomes one of the few western actors to don a Godzilla suit and have him do stand up comedy. And yes, there are a few CD's of BG's stand up available. MEAT BOB is the title of one. One other is called "I DON'T MEAN TO INSULT YOU, BUT YOU LOOK LIKE BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT" Arrrrh!

someone with the e mail of said that the global warming issue cannot be solved from using little kids. And they can't vote. I'm not sure, but there a large number of adults out there would would do anything--sometimes involving irrational and insane behavior--to stop a kid from a jog of endless shrieking. (Aside--this is one reason I didn't like Dakota Fanning's role in WAR OF THE WORLDS. Tom Cruise requested special earplugs.)

FLY ME TO THE MOON, took in so little money it was not even in the top ten for its opening weekend gross.

Someone wrote me to inquire: have you updated your blog?" I guess...

Another was..."why are you up so early..." For the overtime at my job.

And "are you going to post more quotes from WEREWOLF VERSUS THE VAMPIRE WOMAN?"

Maybe. Are you going to pay me overtime rates?


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