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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Pet Goat

Wednesday 13 August 2008

And last night I got up at 1:30 AM so I could go in early. Overtime on the second shift means being awake at 1:30, washing one's scalp, cleaning up, a few cups of coffee, some food, prepare lunch...

Scampy pup indicated there was a problem beyond the door and in the garage. . I opened the door, carefully, fully expecting another rabid raccoon.

There was a goat sitting on the steps. Hind quarters down. Sitting. It blinked at me. It stood up and released some berries.

I'm standing there in my underwear. Half awake. I blink. The dogs are trying to get at the goat, and I have to push them aside and close the door. I gulped a cold cup of coffee, and got dressed and went out to chase a goat.

There was no moon.

Goats have this odd attraction to people, They will go forward to you, but if you approach and get near, they back off, just enough to be out of reach. This is an annoying dance. The goat led me on a dark chase. I could not see. When I went back to the lit garage, it would follow me.

Five minutes of futility. I found no flashlight. I got my iPod so I could have a light. Five minutes later, the goat was in the garage and I blocked off the door. I caught it with a fish net. Five minutes later I put it into the paddock.

I misplaced my iPod (I found it later.) and have wished I could have another things to do with my mornings, chasing an onry goat through pitch black surroundings, illuminated by five second intervals of light from an iPod.

I thought about goat stew the whole day I was at work.


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