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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We have about ten chickens. Every day, we get about eight to ten eggs.

So currently, we are ahead by about six dozen eggs.

The geese stopped laying eggs, thankfully.

Now we have stopped enjoying eggs. Perhaps we ought to consider variations of the way to prepare eggs.

Hard boiled.


sunny side up.

Hard boiled and diced in scrambled eggs.

Hard boiled, yolk removed and filled with scrambled.

Mixed all together.

Mixed all together and thrown in a blender.

Mixed all together and thrown in a blender and then given to dogs. This works. The dogs are always enthusiastic.

We will not discuss Spam. That is the kind of food you eat once and almost enjoy and never look back.

(I keep telling my wife, if we want to clean to floor, just rub the floor with bacon fat and eggs. The dogs will take care of the rest. She keeps looking at me with this weird stare... )


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