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Sunday, June 29, 2008

THINGS WE'VE LEARNED. On the subject of cooking.

I know more than a few people who drop their clothes after the end of a business day and wander around their home in the buff.

Slight word of warning, Don't cook things while you're naked.

Bubbling grease and popping eggs could send a speck of grease in a trajectory where it might land on some fairly sensitive parts of your body.

And if you wear contacts, forgo them and wear your glasses.

And the subject of contacts brings to mind a cautionary tale from a friend who had been chopping up hot peppers and then put in his contact lenses. It took a moment or two after insertion to realize that the volatile oils that are in peppers can permeate the soft contact lens.

He had to be held down while someone else removed the lens.

That brought a memory forward of someone else's tale (from New York) about lighting the gas stove and the match head sizzled and cracked sending a bit of hot charcoal into his lens and he had to go to the hospital. Not my story...some other day.


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