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Thursday, February 14, 2008

There's this book called MOUSE TALES, which is about some infamous stories involving the growth of Disney's empire and Disneyland and some unwanted overlooked deaths that have happened on various rides in the Magic Kingdom. I was fascinated by this paragraph, from page 27.

"Schedualed for a six week run the "Mickey Mouse Club Circus" opened on Thanksgiving Day 1955, heralded by a circus parade down Main Street. But this wasn't to be the Greatest Show on Earth. It was doomed from the first performance. During the parade, a black panther grabbed the paw of a tiger in the next cage and chewed it off. When the procession of circus wagons entered the big top for the first performance, the second vehicle clipped one of the tend pegs and an entire section of the roof caved in . During the trapeze act, a well endowed artist's halter strap broke and her top fell. And since she had to hold onto the trapeze, there wasn't m,uch she could do about it. Finally two llamas got loose and ran through the bleachers. The crew chased them down the railroad track and captured them at the Main Street Station. Walt, sitting in the front row with the Mouseketeers, buried his face in his hands."

Does a film of this exist? We all would like to see it...It was Disney's usual documentry compulsiveness that had him trail everything that was going on in the studio, so there are documentry films going back as far as "Snow White". Bet the studio has employees who dust it off from time to time and watch it with lots of unchecked giggles.

MOUSE TALES.A behind the ears look at Disneyland. by David Koenog Bonadventure Press 1994.


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