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Sunday, February 03, 2008

I saw the DVD of THE PACIFIER recently. This is the vehicle starring Vin Diesel as a baby sitter/Navy seal/talent director...This is also one of the films that makes no sense if you start asking questions about it, or wonder how one sequence led to another. I can't fault the actor too much. He had been out of a job, presumably, for requesting too much money, and this Jackie Chan reject for Disney was a step up. Let's see--as a Navy Seal, he is directly involved in the death of a man who is important to National Security. As a result, he has to take care of the guy's kids, while Mom has to search a bank vault in Switzerland...

And the more you continue to dig into the plot, the less sense it makes. The film was okay on the big screen. One of a series of loud cinematic explosions with a paper thin set of characters. Transferred to the home screen (19 inches), it seems like a blip.

There's a duck in this movie. I suspect if there was a dog, there would be some confusion with the lead. Vin Diesel still looks like a shar pei with all the wrinkles removed.

DVD extras aren't much either.


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