persona non sequitur

a review of media by a slightly jaded baby boomer.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's a bit chilly here. It is snowing. Sleet is expected to come down soon. I'm going to try to block off some tiles. A rodent of some sort has pushed up a load of fiber glass through a crack in the wall. I'm going to pull it out and set some foam on it.   I can't tell if it is mouse or rat. There's no available soap for it to carry off, and no tooth scrapings on anything. 

George H. Wells must have read that review of ROOM that appeared in Entertainment Weekly, and said it was so bad  it has its own midnight movie shows.  I saw Ewe Boll's POSTAL, and offer that up, Ewe Boll is a former sausage maker. He gets the photography right, but can't direct edit or offer anything by way of cohesion, story line or character.

Anyway, the household here has taken to watching DEATH NOTE, LOST, SAMURAI SEVEN, and DESERT PUNK. 

So if you
let me play with
your genes, I'll
give you some big
 tasty bacteria. 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Delaware's Roadside kitsch.

I'm not certain why the "Monster Mile" of Dover Downs needed a golem to advertise it, but here we are.  Previously, a picture of a tyrannosaurus was the "Monster".  

I was thinking of breaking into the area late at night and putting a  large stovepipe hat on it, or making kabbalistic signs on its forehead. 

I'd like to include in this series a picture of the 25 foot high Peter Pan that used to grace the top of an old time Art Deco restruarant that used to be by Route 141. It vanished sometime in 1967. Someone somewhere has a photo of it. 

I'd be interested.