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Friday, June 08, 2007

IN THE POSTAL ZONE: GOING POSTAL in which is referenced to sex and the amusing things that happen in the Post Office.

There was a Supervisor who had several rounds of oral sex in his office. Without mentioning what was going on, management put up a video camera in his office taped the next tonsil hockey session.

Then they called him in and let him view the result. It must have been an interesting theater in the mind experience. Yes, it was good, but it is now a horror because he got caught, and the woman is not his wife and she's going to get this same treatment and she's going to feel the same way I did, only worse and...

...and she was going to feel much much worse than him (as he was required to tell his wife), but that her mother still worked there.


The guy called Dave was told that the video cameras in the parking lot showed him getting a blow job in his car.

He said "Only one?"


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