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Saturday, April 23, 2011

On the subject of 3D: If they offer 3D TV I will not bother to purchase a set. I've enjoyed some 3D movies, though AVATAR gave me a headache.

But in Real Life, hoe many of you wander around and look about and marvel at the 3D your daily life possess? Do you keep asking "how do they do that?" And you don't need special lenses for that.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I;m in love and have A.D.D.
I think I could love you forever
But I’ve known you for 48 hours
And that much too long for me

We’ll talk it over in another week or too
Trying to find out went wrong with me and you

I could change my directions
Something I do all the time

I thought about calling you today
I thought about it yesterday
But I’ll wait for tomorrow
And this has caused me constant sorrow

As you are the object of my affections
Or at least until this day is through

Perhaps I’ll call you tomorrow
and tell you of all we’ve been through

I’m in love and have A.D.D.
I think I could love you forever
But it’s only been 48 hours
and that’s far too long for me

I should change my directions
And refill my prescriptions
And take a double dose to see
where I have my inclinations

Maybe when I’m dosed and focused
My true feelings will be revealed
its not a very big problem,
If you know how I feel.

I’m in love and have A.D.D.
I think I’ll call you tomorrow
and then we can see
If you’re the same person I talked to,
Or maybe it’s just me

I’m in love
And I have A.D.D.