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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rapper kills self

Dipset is the name of the rapper's label.

King Tut was what he called himself.

He killed himself with a gun.

Sitting in a cab.

Wanted on cocaine charges.

Which police found in his teddy bear in February.

As the police approached the cab, he ended his life.

And it was noted on a website called Boombox Music.

And after the article it left links so you could buy his music and CDs.

The end.

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Trust me, this is a bad film. It is bad on so many levels it is kind of a stun gun for the mind.  The plot is creaky, made worse for the acting, writing directing and the sound.  Man loves woman, woman wants to dump man, has affair with best friend.

The leading man is Tommy Wiseau, who is also the writer, director, and editor and port a potty tender for this dung hill.

The soundtrack has a few songs, all bad. The sound itself goes from sharp to muffled in a few seconds and back.

The acting and diction can be compared unfavorably to a second grade school production. No one is able to deliver anything beyond a staccato recitation. It is like the pod people got together to see if they could recall what emotions were like.

The lead actor (and director) has a few nude shots. He looks fine from the neck down, and she (the mistress) looks fine all over. But naked nipples is not acting, no matter how nice they are.   And when the mistress has sex with his best friend there's nary a sense of emotion expressed. 

It doesn't get any better, and no one can improve anything by any action at all. The stagings and diction are so bad  and fossilized I was wondering if English was the director's third language.  This is a film that makes BLOOD FREAK look like an Orson Welles picture.  Even in Ed Wood pictures, the speech is given in a natural tone.  There seems to be a pace of one tenth of a second between  all spoken words.  And for many minutes of talk, very little information is exchanged.

I fast forwarded it halfway through. The dialogue was still terrible (I read the subtitles), and the "action" was just as boring.  I'm glad he kills himself at the ending.   I didn't watch the interview with the director. 

 In terms of inner emotion, this film is chalk scraping a blackboard. For a long long time.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Screaming is heard. Blankets are tossed up. 

"What a horrible nightmare!!"


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