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Sunday, June 18, 2006


The film leaves a bit to be desired. Given the talent behind it and the power of the film has on a viewer it is hard to ignore, but there are a few things that are really wrong with the movie.

Like the ending, which left a bad feeling or a feeling of "huh"? in the minds of most viewers (the aliens came down and pulled a robot out of the hat)...and the ending has no emotional context with any of the film's previous content.

There is a proposed ending to the film (suggested by me, of course), which would satisy far better and could also be presented within the informational context of the film. Let's assume David's ship comes up. He's still mobile. He is greeted by another David, one of the many replicas left behind in mankind's demise. He is greeted as an equal, and the two move on to a functioning society run by other Davids and other robot models.

No "Blue Fairy" nonsense. How come Spielberg won't give me a call?