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Friday, May 02, 2008


SPOILER. Everyone died. That's it, all you need to know.

Yes, the movie. I thought it was a bad movie, not worth a rental effort and not worth the aspirin needed in the theater. You could click onto the site for the reviews and people's negative reactions are pretty clear.

Hand held shakeycams in extended footage make me ill. EVIL DEAD, BLAIR WITCH, MAN OF THE thank you...the big wide screen with these made me ill.

Got another big problem. The guy "Hud" picks up a camera, "glues" it to his eyeball, and is running for the next hour Plus with bricks and wood and shards of plaster and other debris raining down on him and his friends while he tries to keep up. Memo: running around with a camera sticking to your face during an emergency situation displays poor survival skills. No wonder he died.

Monster: looks like a large knobby chunk of stump with ropey arms coming out of it.

REPTILICUS was scarier.

Good word of mouth sold a movie. Better luck next time.


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