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Thursday, May 01, 2008

On the subject of bricks: (to answer a question): That you may have mailed.

It is not that the senders left a return address... Many years back, during the Goldwater Presidential Campaign (1964, for you youngsters), one man with several hundred business reply envelopes, mailed about 300 envelopes to the Campaign Headquarters, each one filled with a piece of lead plate.

And placed his return address on all of them.

The campaign forwarded the bill to the mailer, alleging fraud in not complying with the requested proper use of the envelopes. That's all I've heard. I guess it must be where the current concerns have originated (see previous posting). And since it's not 1964 or nearby that date, I cannot really look up the incident, though I recall the origin of the newspiece was Arizona.


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